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Van der Perre G. & Van Campenhout J. e.a.

Position paper of a working group of the Academy (KVAB)

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Van der Perre G. & Van Campenhout J. (ed.)

Texts of the Thnkers' Project of the Academy (KVAB)

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Diana Laurillard

Thinking about blended learning

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Pierre Dillenbourg

No time to lose

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La Libre Belgique

Article in the newspaper "La Libre Belgique" (November 20, 2014) : "L'université face à la révolution Moocs"

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Michel Gevers

Introduction by Michel Gevers

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Diana Laurillard

Presentation by Diana Laurillard at the Ethical Forum

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Pierre Dillenbourg

Presentation by Pierre Dillenbourg at the Ethical Forum

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Bart Pattyn

Intervention by Bart Pattyn at the Ethical Forum

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Peter Sloep

Presentation by Peter Sloep at the Ethical Forum

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Guillaume Miquelard-Garnier

Intervention by Guillaume Miquelard-Garnier at the Ethical Forum

PDF icon Miquelard Ethical Forum 2014.pdf
Georges Van der Perre

Presentation by Georges Van der Perre at the Ethical Forum

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Sarah Cardinal

Contribution by Sarah Cardinal

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Philippe Van Parijs

Concluding remarks by Philippe Van Parijs

PDF icon Will Universities survive the e-learning revolution_Revised.pdf
Pierre Dillenbourg et al.

Massive Open Online Courses: Current State and Perspectives

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Georges Van der Perre and Jan Van Campenhout

Viewpoint of the Class of Technical Science of the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium on Blended Learning (in Dutch, with an executive summary in English)

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NVAO (Nederlands-Vlaamse Accreditatieorganisatie)

Memorandum by the NVAO, the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders

PDF icon NVAO_MOOCs_and_online_HE_A_survey_June_2014.pdf
VLOR (Flemish Education Council)

Point of view of the VLOR (Flemish Education Council) (in Dutch)

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EUA (European University Association)

EUA Occasional Papers : MOOCs,  Masssive Open Online Courses

PDF icon EUA-MOOCreport.pdf
European Commission

Report to the European Commission on “New modes of learning and teaching in higher education

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Paul Belleflamme, Julie Jacqmin (CORE)

An economic appraisal of MOOC platforms: business models and impacts on higher education

PDF icon Belleflamme Jacqmin (2014) MOOCs.pdf
Terry Anderson

Promise and/or Peril: MOOCs and Open and Distance Education

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