Registration for the Ethical Forum

To register for participation please fill in the form below and submit it by clicking "Submit" at the bottom of this page.
Participation is free of charge, but advance registration is requested.
In this form registering participants may send viewpoints, reactions, questions, remarks, ... to be discussed by the panel members.
Such discussion items may also be sent by e-mail to This may also be done after registration.

The organizing committee may invite some participants who send in a discussion item, to present it at the meeting.

The event will be organized as a live session if the sanitary situation permits it. If not, it will be replaced by an online event. The necessary information will be sent by mail to the registered participants.

The personal data in this form will never be transferred to third parties and only be used for the communication concerning the Ethical Forum
- the name and affiliation will be used for the list of participants,
- the mail address will be used for contacting the participants concerning the present and future editions of the Ethical Forum.
Participants may at any time request that their personal data be deleted by sending a mail to
Participants may have lunch (main dish, dessert – drinks included) at the Foundation prior to the event. 
The lunch starts at 12.15 pm. Registration for the lunch is strictly required. 
The  participants wishing to take the lunch should indicate this below and transfer 22
into the account BIC GEBABEBB IBAN BE21 2100 7148 4103 of the Club of the University Foundation by 1 December.

Tick the above box if you want to take the lunch prior to the event and transfer 22€ on the account BE21 2100 7148 4103 of the University Foundation, Brussels.
Above a registering participant can write down any suggestion, question, remark, point of view, ... to be used as a discussion item. These remarks will be transmitted to the panel members to be used in the discussion. If a participant wants to submit comments after having registered, please send an e-mail to