Ethical Forum 2023 - Programme

ChatGPT & Co in higher education:

to be cheered or feared ?



         Welcome desk: 1.30 - 2 pm       

        Part 1 (2 - 3.45 pm)

Welcome  Jacques WILLEMS  (chairman of the University Foundation)

Introduction   Philippe VAN PARIJS, UCLouvain & KU Leuven (coordinator of the Ethical Forum 2023)



chaired by  Marie-Catherine DE MARNEFFE, UCLouvain


Keynote speakers


  • Arianna VALENTINI, policy analyst at UNESCO, co-author of Chat GPT and AI in higher education and Harnessing the era of AI in higher education (2023)  "From chalkboards to chatbots: Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education”.
  • Seger BREUGELMANS, Professor of Social Psychology, chair of the ChatGPT werkgroep at Tilburg University:  “ChatGPT at Tilburg University: Fostering knowledge, skills, and character”.

Short interventions from the floor


Coffee break

        Part 2 (4.15 - 6 pm) 

Round Table and Debate

chaired by  Dominique WILLEMS, UGent 

Panel members


  • Tine BAELMANS, Vice-rector Onderwijs, KU Leuven
  • Marius GILBERT, Vice-recteur Recherche et Valorisarion, ULB
  • Ilse DE BOURDEAUDHUIJ, Directeur Onderwijsaangelegenheden, UGent
  • Dominique VERPOORTEN, professeur de pédagogie de l'enseignement supérieur, ULiège

      General Discussion: speakers and public

Final Remarks 
by Philippe VAN PARIJS, UCLouvain & KU Leuven


A number of background documents are included in the downloads section (see link above) as they become available.